Tips To Keep In Mind When Redecorating

We all need change at some point in our lives, it’s the only thing that keeps us from going backwards. We get bored looking at the same thing forever and little change will keep things fresh and keep you on your toes. Whether it be at home or at work sometimes we need to shake things up a bit, so here are a few tips and tricks you can use if you want to change or redecorate the home.

The Walls

One trick that will always add flair and character to a room is an accent wall. If you want to make your room something different and let it stick out, you could try making one wall a bright contrasting color while the remaining wall are a more soothing and brighter color. This will make the room seem bigger and airy. This works wonders for small rooms and rooms with limited lighting. To make and even bolder move, you could use the accent wall to display a piece of decorative artwork such as portrait or LED signage or a wall hanging that will bring a contrast with the wall. 

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The Art

Another tip when it comes to redecorating is that when you are hanging an artwork or a statement piece, you must not place it at an angle that is uncomfortable for those using the room. Usually when hanging a painting in a museum, the curators make sure that the piece hangs 57 cm form the ground. This is considered to be the ideal eye level for humans. There is always a question if it’s a high wall does that mean the painting should be higher? No, these pieces are places for the visual pleasure of the inhabitants of the house. So always remember that the painting should be hung in scale to people and not the height of the structure. So regardless of whether this is a retro artwork such as vintage LED signs or a collection of photographs, it should be at eye level for humans and not according to the height of the wall.

The Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in any room. Whether it be natural lighting through windows or artificial lighting, there must be a balance. The use of multiple lamps and lighting fixtures to create layers of lighting will bring about a soft touch to the room. The key to having good lighting gin a room is that there is a control on the harsh lighting but while there being sufficient lighting for when the need arises.