Setting Up Your Own Knick Knack Shop

Today, more and more stay at home mums are setting up their own online stores through which they sell any number of knick knack as a means of supporting their families or simply even supplementing their family’s income. This is a great and easy way to earn some extra cash, the trick is to sell something people would want to buy and to have your online shop constantly stocked with interesting items.

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Make your own

One sure fire way to ensure that your shop has interesting items is to sell things that you make yourself. Spend a day or two coming up with creative items you could easily make at a low cost and then sell online. Some great options are handmade photo frames, jewellery, clothes or even just cute toys and ornaments – even cute sock puppets would sell if you were willing to customize them (at an additional fee perhaps). Get your supplies together and make sure that your costs are low enough for you to make a profit selling them online. Ideally you should have a profit margin of around five to eight dollars – that should help keep things a float. Depending on the item you may have to factor in shipping costs as well when pricing items. 

Scour the markets

If you are going to be selling things like jewellery and ornaments then you should scour the local markets and garage sales Sydney for items you can buy and resell. Remember you do not necessarily have to sell only handmade items.

You could sell a combination of the two, or you could buy recycle or upcycle items that you buy and then resell them! Garage sales are a great place to find old t-shirts and cushion covers that could be turned into bags or laptop covers, any number of things actually! You can also find great costume jewellery that you can then take the beads and chains apart to create something new. With some pieces, especiallyif bought at a flea market, you could sell them as is after you have cleaned them up a little.

Sell some art

Art is yet another great thing to try and sell. You can actually take old postcards with interesting notes on the back and frame and sell them. Another option is to sell your own art! Try your hand at painting or even at just creating something cool out of household items like macaroni or beans! Anything can be used to make art. You could even sell things like embroidered cushion covers or quilts online! People love custom made cushion covers and quilts and are always looking to buy them for themselves or even as gifts!