Important Features Of Bulk SMS Marketing

style=”float: right;” src=”” alt=”” />The most successful bulk SMS marketing campaign is one that produces measurable impact immediately. The text message marketing campaign must focus on timely delivery without killing the need for high impact message. It must also convince the customer to open and read the text message. Currently, statistics indicate that 90 percent of all text messages are open and read, whether they are from marketers or known contacts. Whereas an email takes around 72 hours before they are opened, text messages are opened within the first 9 minutes of being received. This makes text messages more effective and productive marketing tools.

Before sending bulk SMS, the marketer has to prepare a list of subscribers first. This can take place at any time, and using any number of ways. There is no one way of coming up with a list of subscribers. The list would not be effective if the marketer does not give as much attention to the issue of mobile keywords. This calls for a lot of research to find out the keywords that would make the text message elicit the right kind of response from the customer. This is where the assistance of SMS API experts would be crucial. The experts would help the marketer identify the most popular keywords and help incorporate them in the text message for maximum effect.

A shuffle responder would also be crucial for the success of the bulk text messaging marketing campaign. This is a perfect tool when the marketing team intends to send promotional messages to the customers. There is no harm in talking with the mobile service provider to find out how they can offer assistance with such issues. Let them know the plans that you have regarding including a shuffle responder in the app. They will advice the marketing team how to use the SMS gateway to ensure that all communication between the customer and the marketing team is captured and response sent as fast as possible without losing anything.

A mobile eCard would be a welcome addition to the features of a bulk text messages marketing campaign. There is no need for hiring an expert to design such an eCard when you can do it yourself. The eCard can have an image, customized text, before being sent to the mobile phone number of people in the list of subscribers. The MMS is also another important feature that must appear on the bulk text message marketing tool. The MMS feature allows the sending of videos and pictures, while creating space to send an SMS that is longer than the usual 160-character text messages. Picture messaging and mobile coupons should also feature on the marketing tool.
Lastly, one can include limitless features in the SMS marketing tool. For the best results, create an app and allow customers to download it on their Smartphone or any mobile device. The emergence of tablets means that the number of mobile devices has gone up. Where possible, ask for assistance from experts, and these include the mobile network providers.