Analyze This – Netflow Analyzers


If you are a company owner then you know the importance of planning and marketing company Gold Coast for the future of your company. You need to be able to forecast where your company will be in five to ten years so that you are able to plan what resources and systems you need to implement to keep up with your employees and clients. This type of future thinking is called Capacity Planning; where you determine the capacity of your production needs to be able to meet the increasing demands for your products by clients.


For the IT sector you will need to determine the capacity of your IT network needs to be able to meet the increasing demands of people using your network, bandwidth and servers. With the ever increasing innovations in technology for hardware and software a company has to constantly update their capacity plans.

A company must use their business strategies, marketing and forecasts together with a system that analyses their data and information on their networks to come up with a future perspective of how the company must evolve to keep up with changes. This is where companies and enterprises can utilise NetFlow Analyzers for capacity planning.

NetFlow Analyzers will help the company recognise where their network limits and their network wastes are. By analyzing the networks bandwidth usage the NetFlow Analyzer will provide a picture of how the network is being used and where it isn’t being used as much.
The Analyzer will create reports based on your bandwidth traffic, volume, speed and packets. From there the analyzer will export the information into many file formats, from PDF’s to CSV or you can choose to have the information emailed to you or any amount of email’s. This way you as the company CEO can have a copy of the data and the IT Manager, Marketing Manager can all have copies.

NetFlow Analyzers are not a hardware software, they are a software so they can be downloaded from the internet and installed onto your system immediately. From then you are able to use NetFlow Analyzers on your network. The information and data gathered on each analysis report can be stored and evaluated for up to 30 days.

There are a number of places, websites and providers of the NetFlow Analyzer. Typing in “NetFlow Analyzer” into your search engine will generate a number of NetFlow provider options as well as articles and blog posts that show in detail how to download and install NetFlow Analyzer but also the different uses you can gain out of the NetFlow Analyzer.

With all of these different resources, whether you are a small business or institution or you are operating a multi-scale enterprise utilising NetFlow Analyzer will allow your company to be adequately prepared for its future. You are able to gain a picture and an understanding of the area your company needs to change and transform in order to continue to be a successful.